Monday, August 31, 2009

Wonderful Mail Day!

I was delighted to receive FOUR rebate checks in the mail today totalling $60.00! :) Rebates do work and I hope each of my readers is submitting them.

Also, do you remember my post HERE about the free Lipton Tea coupon? Well, I received my coupon in the mail today and it's for a FREE box of Lipton Teabags (up to $4.00). What a great freebie!

Do you
receive any goodies in the mail today? If so, please share.


Danielle M. said...

I mailed off a $10 rebate I got from Weis last night. I also took advantage of their $1.69/pound chicken deal!

Cameron said...

I did, I did!!! I received a $50 rebate today and the other day, I got my $100 rebate for installing my alarm system. I was/am pumped! I always submit my rebates, then I write them down so I don't forget and cross them off when they arrive. I was waiting on the $100 for 3 months (was suppose to be here in 4-6 weeks though with everything going on, it slipped my mind.) I emailed and they said they emailed me confirmation but because I did not reply, they did not send it. I told them I never got that email. In 7 days, my rebate was here. Pays to call! CONGRATS ON UR REBATES!!!!

Becky said...

I got my Lipton coupon today too! Perfect timing because I was going to get some this week!

Lisa said...

Hi Sara-
I got several goodies today also. I got a spray bottle of sunscreen from "Paula's Choice"? I don't even remember signing up for this!! I also got a $10.00 rebate check, a sample of Gorilla Glue, the Nestle calendar and coupons, and a coupon from Bath & Body Works.

Sara said...

Hi Danielle!

Great job. Keep up the good work!


Sara said...


Way to go! Sounds like you've been getting some nice rebate checks back too.


Sara said...

Becky: Yay!

Lisa: It sounds like you received lots of goodies in your mail today.

Anonymous said...

Sara - I received $40 in rebates today! Thanks to you sharing with me! I really appreciate it so much.

yay for you!