Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Any questions or curiosity?

Do you ever read a blog and want more information about the author or the information posted on the blog? Do you want something explained in further detail? If so, then this is your chance to get answers to your curiosity or questions. Ask me anything about....... almost anything and I'll do my best to answer.


Staci said...

This should be interesting.... I may have to copy!!!

Michelle said...

SSN, Date of Birth, ATM Card number and PIN, Credit Card number and 3 digits on back, oh and checking accout routing number as well as account number. Sorr to inquire so much, but you asked. :)

Anonymous said...

have you always been frugal or has it just been since you "grew up?" I was a coupon user when I was a little girl! is your husband an active part of your saving journey or does he just view it as one of your little quirks?

Love your blog!


Sara said...


Sorry, that's why I said almost anything. lol :) Anything else you've been wondering about me?

Sara said...


I've always been "responsible" with money. I started working in my father's office supply store (which is now closed) at a very young age. So, I've always earned money and never really spent more than I made. I started getting serious about coupons, submitting rebates and stockpiling grocery items and searching for deals as a hobby when I became a stay-home-home mom after the adoption of our son nearly four years ago.

I think one misconception people have when reading this blog is that all aspects of my life are frugal and extreme. I love to vacation and we spend way more than the average family doing so each year. Of course I try to find a good deal or discounted rates, but we still spend a lot of money on this category and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My husband is very supportive of everything I do and couponing is no exception. Sure, he laughed at me in the beginning, but now he sees how much I enjoy finding the deals and enjoys the benefits as well. But, my husband is a spender and my savings counteract his spending. He has some pretty expensive hobbies of which his favorite is golfing.

I hope I've answered your questions, Alice. Anyone else?

Cameron said...

I agree Sara. It is great to live within your means and have extra money in the end to splurge on the things you enjoy the most. Way to go with the coupons and savings. It is worth it and you have made me even more aware of them than I originally was in the past. So, thank you for that!

But, I do have to say, I loved Michelle's inquiring mind. LOL

C you tonight!

Coupon Teacher said...

Sara, it cracks me up when I read about you. You sound so much like me, especially about the vacationing and the husband. No wonder we like each other's blogs!