Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weis: More Great Coupons Found in Newspaper

Weis had some more great coupons in their sales circular this week. The sales circular was located inside of the Martinsburg Journal--not sure which day this week because I found it at the recycling center today. It contains the following coupons:

Save $5.00 off your purchase of $40.00 or more
Save $2.00 off your fresh meat purchase
FREE Weis brand English Muffins (w/purchase of $25.0.0 or more)
FREE Weis brand 64 oz. Orange Juice (w/purchase of $25.00 or more)

The above coupons expire on March 25, 2009. If anyone has these coupons and isn't planning to use them, I would love extras. Did any other newspapers across the country have these coupons in the sales circular? If so, please share.


Anonymous said...

Weis, Food Lion, and Martins Flyers come in Wensdays paper. Martins also comes in Sundays paper. I will only be using the $2 meat q..can can mail you the rest when I get the MIR you sent, as I will have your addy. FWIW, all month long Weis has had these awesome q's in the newspaper flyer.

Lisha said...

LOL...Thank GOD i am not the only one digging in the recycling center trucks LOL LOL..I pulled out a few Box Tops the other day LMAO....I would LOVE to get my hands on all that paper hehehehe

Sara said...

I'm a dumpster diver and proud of it! :)