Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kmart: MONEYMAKER on Fiber One Bars

Fiber One Bars are on sale 4/$10.00 this week at Kmart. I bought four packages and used four coupons for $1.35 off each box. The $1.35 coupons doubled making each box FREE. At the end of the transaction, the cashier handed me a catalina for $3.00 off my next shopping order. Not only did I get four packages of Fiber One Bars for free..... I also made a $3.00 profit! One package is missing from the picture because it was given to my parents.

A big thanks goes to my friend, Staci at Playing House. She was kind enough to share the coupons with me that made this deal possible. Thank you SO much!


Lisha said...

where was the 1.35 coupon from?? Just curious. I want those!

Sara said...

It was a home mailer coupon received directly from the manufacturer.

Staci said...

No problemo! Lisha I have a ton of boxes, I will give you some if you like! :)