Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kobe: Buy One, Get One Free Coupon

This post is for all of my local readers. Check your mailboxes! The Val-Pak coupon package arrived in the mail today. There is an awesome buy one, get one free coupon for Kobe Japanese Steak House inside. The coupon cannot be used on Valentine's Day and expires on 2/28/2009. I suggest using the coupon to celebrate Valentine's Day-- but do it the day before or after. I love this place and can't wait to use my coupon! If anyone isn't going to use their coupon, I would love to have extras!


Jen said...

I JUST got this out of my valpack!! We should all go together one night! Or do a couples night!

Kelly said...

I will save mine for you. Remind me to give it to you!!