Thursday, January 8, 2009

Income Tax Calculator

Are you interested in finding out how much, if any, federal income tax refund you'll be receiving? Are you concerned that you might owe federal income tax this year? If so, check out THIS income tax calculator from H&R Block. If you enter the information correctly these calculators really do work. I always estimate our taxes before we even receive my husband's W-2 form. Good luck!

Do you prepare your own income taxes or have someone else prepare them? I've always prepared our income taxes and filed them electronically. It's so easy and inexpensive! When we adopted our son from Guatemala, I considered paying an accountant or service to prepare them. But, I decided to do some research on the federal and state adoption credits and prepared them myself. I was so proud of myself!

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Staci said...

we go to a dude in Georgetown. He's been doing ours since we lived in NoVa... We like the hassel free aspect. We give him the papers he does everything and a week later deposites are in the bank... Our lazy way of doing things ;) lol! :)