Thursday, January 22, 2009

Martin's: Pepperoni/Cracker deal

I found a pretty good deal at Martin's while grocery shopping on Sunday. Hormel Pepperoni slices are on sale this week 2/$5.00. I found coupons in the store for $1.50/2 packages. I also found a coupon in the store for a FREE box of Pepperidge Farm Baked Naturals or Distinctive crackers when you buy 2 Hormel Pepperoni products. So, I paid $3.50 for two packages of Hormel Pepperoni slices and one box of Pepperidge Farm baked crackers. If any locals want to take advantage of this deal, please let me know because I have a few extra coupons. The pepperoni is on sale until Saturday, January 24th.

I've been wanting to make pepperoni rolls, but was waiting for a deal on pepperoni. Does anyone have a recipe they can share?

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Kelly said...

Hey,Sara! I have a pepperoni roll recipe. Its very easy. I will let you know. Give me a call!