Monday, January 5, 2009

I got my 10 FREE Soy Joy Bars

I went to Rite Aid this morning and got the free Soy Joy Bars. Is anyone else planning to take advantage of this deal? If so, the bars are located in the back of the Martinsburg store--directly in front of the pharmacy. Hurry because they only had three flavors remaining in stock.


Cameron said...

Are they any good? Cameron can't have milk and he hates drinking the soy and has not had anything since we were discharged from the hospital. Any chance he might like these? I need to figure out how to get milk in to him period.

Sara said...

My husband likes them. My friend's eight year old daughter does too. If you want, I'll give you one to try with him. If he likes them, you can go buy some and if not then you won't be out any money. Let me know!

Cameron said...

I will buy them and if no one in the house likes them, I will send them your way!!! (= Thanks for letting me know about them. I am sure I will be the one ending up eating them.