Monday, October 5, 2009

Target: Great Deal on Motts Apple Juice and Applesauce

Target is having another wonderful gift card promotion this week. Buy 5 qualifying Motts products and receive a $5.00 Target gift card.

Transaction 1: I purchased five 64 oz. bottles of Motts Apple Juice which was on sale for $1.75 per bottle. My total was $8.75. I paid with a $5.00 Target gift card earned from a previous promotion. My out of pocket balance was $3.75--just .75 cents per bottle. Plus, I earned another $5.00 gift card for purchasing five participating Motts products

Transaction 2: I purchased five packages of individual Motts Applesauce Cups. Each package was on sale for $1.75. My total for 30 cups of applesauce was $8.75. I paid with the $5.00 Target gift card earned in the above transaction. My out of pocket balance was $3.75--just .75 cents per package. I also earned another $5.00 Target gift card for purchasing five participating Motts products that I'll use on a future purchase.

In conclusion, I purchased five bottles of
Motts Apple Juice and five packages of Motts Applesauce Cups today (between two transactions) and my grand total out of pocket was $7.50 plus sales tax! The best part about this deal is that NO coupons are required. Such an easy deal to execute.


Budget Bella said...

I sent my DH to to do this tonight ... we will not be starting with the giftcard though.. I hope he does this okay ... esp. as no coupons ;P

He has not been coupon savvy in the past ... so this should be a no brainer.

Staci said...

I hope to stock up on juice this week!

Danielle M. said...

Gues who is going to Target tomorrow? ME!!! Thanks I totally missed this!

Anonymous said...

that's great. I've been stocking up on orange juice lately - the little bottles of Tropicana were on sale for 10/$10, and I had 50 cents coupons that doubled. Those are great deals for apple juice/sauce. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this deal. I missed it in the flyer. Thanks for helping me save $$.

Becky said...

I did this deal last night! Hoping to go once (or twice!) more before Saturday!