Wednesday, October 21, 2009

$6.00 Hot Food Rebate

While out running errands this afternoon, I stopped at Sheetz to purchase a hot dog and chips for my son to eat for lunch. I was pleased to find some great Miller Lite rebate forms. Save $6.00 when you purchase any hot food (minimum $6.00 purchase). The rebate expires on October 31, 2009 and is valid for residents of NC and WV. I have extras if anyone is interested!


Anonymous said...

Sara - oh, please, please, please can I have a copy? of this one and the one for soda? We buy ALOT of pop and occasionally grap a hot snack, too.



Coupon Teacher said...


Can I have one of these in the envelope I have already sent? If it is too late, it is ok! Thanks so much!!!

Sara said...

Alice: I'll mail one to you this week. :)

Coupon Teacher: I've added this rebate and the soda one to your envelope and mailed it back out today!

Coupon Teacher said...

Thanks Sara!