Sunday, September 13, 2009

CVS: $20.00 Prescription Gift Card

What a crazy weekend it was for my family! My son was hospitalized on Friday for asthma related breathing problems and I spent the weekend in the pediatrics unit with him. Thanks to the IV medicine, nebulizer treatments and excellent care of the staff, I'm pleased to report that Aiden is feeling much better and was released from the hospital today.

my post HERE about the prescription coupon for Target good on new or transferred prescription? I had one of his prescriptions filled at CVS this evening and they happily honored the Target prescription coupon. So, I now have a $20.00 CVS gift card to use on future purchases. When life hands you have to make lemonade!


Staci said...

Glad he is home and A okay!

Anonymous said...

I wonder where you were. I hope your son feels better. I'll say a little prayer for him.


Becky said...

Thank goodness he is home and feeling better Sara!!