Sunday, September 27, 2009

Menu: September 27, 2009-October 3, 2009

September has been a very busy month for my family. I've spent lots of time in the car driving my son to and from preschool. So, I've decided to start meal planning again to make dinner time run more smoothly at my house.

Sunday, September 27: Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans

Monday, September 28: Boneless Grilled Chicken, Loaded Baked Potatoes, Steamed Broccoli

Tuesday, September 29: Chef Salads, Fresh Fruit

Wednesday, September 30: Salmon, Steamed Rice and Stir Fried Veggies (Squash, Zucchini, Peppers and Onion)

Thursday, October 1: Spaghetti with whole grain pasta, Salad and Bread Sticks

Friday, October 2: BLT Sandwiches

Saturday, October 3: Dinner Out


Coupon Teacher said...

I don't always follow my meal plan, but it sure saves me time. Good luck Sara!

Amber K said...

sounds yummy! i think we are going to chick-fil-a on tuesday if you would like to join us!