Saturday, September 19, 2009

Craft Projects

I've been feeling crafty since my son began preschool and have enjoyed making the following items over the past few weeks:

Regular size and mini composition books covered in scrapbook paper and embellished with ribbon. A friend showed me how to make these and I was pleased with them. To make them a bargain, I used the free composition books from CVS last month. I'm planning to give as gifts to a few friends for Christmas and will personalize them with their initial.

Gable boxes that I began decorating last night. Each box contains jars of homemade pepper relish and salsa from my recent canning adventure. I have several friends with birthdays over the next few months and will giving these away as gifts.

Have you been working on any crafts? If so, I would
love for you to share your projects.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE those middle ones! I'm going to see if I have any cute paper with the green in that - those would make great presents for my daughter and stepdaughter for Christmas. My daughter is currently obsessed with lime green. How do you get the paper to stick on the notebooks? Do you put glue all over the front or to you use tape? I think my Dollar Tree has those composition notebooks all the time. I may be making these to hand out to coworkers if I can figure out how to make them as pretty as yours!


Sara said...

Thanks, Alice! That was the first one that I made. I used double stick tape and photo mount squares. You can also use scrapbook tape runners. Good luck making them. Can't wait to see how yours turn out! :)

Staci said...


pauladbanks said...

WOW! I really like both of your projects. They turned out wonderful. Do you have any Christmas gift boxes in the making?