Sunday, September 20, 2009

Martin's: Del Monte Canned Vegetables for .29 cents

Martin's has cans of Del Monte vegetables on sale for .49 cents until Saturday, September 26th . Purchase five cans and use the $1.00/5 printable coupon HERE and pay just .29 cents each. During the holidays, I use lots of green beans making Green Bean Casserole. Now is the time to stock up! I will be heading back later this week to purchase more.


Anonymous said...

mine wouldn't said the coupon expired...? never had that happen before

~eunice b

Anonymous said... the Martin's flyer it says (Limit 8). Does that mean total of 8 or can I buy 5 w/ the coupon and then go back in another day and buy 5 more w/ a coupon?

Please email me...sorry, still trying to learn all the lingo and every store has there own system & different way of doing things.

Sara said...

Good question! I bought five one day and returned the next to purchase five more. So, I'd say that it's a limit of eight per transaction.

Staci said...

eunice B It said the same for me?!?!

Sara said...

I can only assume the coupon has reached the print limit. There was also a $1.00/5 coupon in the September 20th Red Plum insert.