Saturday, September 19, 2009

Big Lots: Awesome Deal on Martha Stewart Crafts/Scrapbooking Items

A little something you may not know about me: I LOVE Martha Stewart products! So, I'm very excited to share this deal with you. Run to your nearest Big Lots store to score some awesome deals on Martha Stewart crafts and scrapbooking items. Here are just a few of the purchases that I made this morning:

Complete craft kits to make puppets, cards and insects. Each set was $2.00! My son will love making these projects.

Message ribbon and grosgrain bow stickers. They were also $2.00.

Assorted stickers and rub ons (multiple sheets per package) were $1.00 per package.

Magnetic photo kits were $2.00.


Lisha said...

very awesome finds!! THIS is why I miss your blog!! :) I need to find the time to check it daily!!

Becky said...

Awesome deals Sara! Big Lots always has great scrapbooking items, but I've never seen Martha Stewart things there!

Budget Bella said...

I went to check mine and they had tons! the ribbons etc were not marked down by the crafts were. I got three packages which I will use as Christmas Tree Gifts for my four old daughter this year. Thanks so much and I'll put a link from my blog to yours when I blog it later!

A.Marie said...

I absolutely love anything (and everything)Martha Stewart, and am totally bummed that we don't have a Big Lots close by. But, my sis has one in her town, so I'll be calling her and telling her to check for these! :)