Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mud Room Makeover

Our house has a small Mud Room located in between our garage and kitchen. I used to keep a shoe rack in this space, but found that it collected lots of other clutter. Last year, I made the decision to move our personal computer into this space. I'd been wanting to make a separate space for our personal computer and decided this was just the right spot.

I found a Martha Stewart Butcher Block Island at Kmart on clearance for less than $50.00. I loved that this island was taller than a normal desk and had the Pottery Barn look that I love so much.

you used your Mud Room for a different purpose? If so, I'd love to hear all about it!


Cameron said...

That looks mud room has our washer and dryer in it but we did put a nice shelf to hold things and I just hung a basket extending from the wall to hold different things too. I love your new mud room...great idea for the computer.

Amber said...

Looks great Sara!! I put some things under your front door mat this afternoon. Give me a call and let me know that you got them! Hope you had a fun day today!!

Lisha said...

We don't have a mud room, but we have our Laundry room that comes off the garage when you come in. I use it for my organzing area for the kids shoes, jackets, backpacks and such. Thank God I can close the door and no one can see in there though lol....clutter is right!! Your mud room/computer room looks great!! So clean and clutter-free!