Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Martin's: Del Monte Veggies .07 cents per can

I wanted to share one more great deal from my trip to Martin's today. Del Monte canned vegetables are on sale for .67 cents. I used a blinkie coupon (see photo below) for .30/1 which doubled--making each can just .07 cents.

The coupon says that it is not subject to doubling, but it starts with a "5" so the register automatically doubled it. I only purchased one can this morning. I just found six more of this coupon in my stash and will be headed back later this week to purchase six more cans.


Lisha said...

You and your stash. You need to do an entry on how you get so many coupons!! Tell the secrets woman! SPILL IT lol

Sara said...

LOL :) Stay tuned for a post about how to collect coupons.