Friday, July 17, 2009

Walmart: California Pizza Kitchen Pizzas for .50 cents

Walmart has small California Pizza Kitchen pizzas on rollback for $2.50. I purchased six of them and used six $2.00 blinkie coupons that are good on any size pizza. Total was $3.00 for all six pizzas---just .50 cents each. My husband will take these to work with him for an inexpensive lunch.


Lisa said...

Does your Walmart have blinkie machines? Mine doesn't, and very rarely do they even have tearpad coupons. I was just wondering if other Walmarts were better about having these things.

Sara said...


I have never seen blinkie machines at my local Walmart either. This particular blinkie was found at a local grocery store a few weeks ago. I have found rebates and peelies at my local Walmart.


Vonda Brown said...

Where Are you located. I do not have blinkies at my walmart either. Did you get these at a grocery store chain? Would like to grab this deal today. Hope you check your blog.

Sara said...

Hi Vonda! I found these blinkies at Weis last month. Let me know if you have any other questions.