Saturday, July 18, 2009

Food Lion: Whole Watermelon, Ball Park Hot Dogs, Sara Lee Buns & 2 liter of Lemonade for $5.00

While in Food Lion picking up some steaks for dinner this evening, I noticed a hang tag coupon on Minute Maid Lemonade for a free bottle wyb a watermelon. So, I decided to combine it with a few other coupons that were in my purse to make for a pretty good deal.

1 Watermelon $4.99
1 pkg. Ball Park Hot Dogs $3.42
1 pkg. Sara Lee Hot Dog Buns $1.50
1 2 liter bottle of Minute Maid Lemonade $1.89
1 Jalapeno pepper .09 cents (I added this to get me over $5.00 in produce)

Total before coupons was $11.89.

Then, I used the following coupons:

Food Lion printable coupon for $2.00 off any produce purchase of $5.00 or more (coupon can be printed HERE)
Hang tag coupon for FREE Minute Maid Lemonade wyb a watermelon
$3.00 on whole watermelon wyb any Ball Park Franks and Sara Lee Hot Dog Buns

Total for everything after coupons was $5.00. Be sure to check your local store for all of these coupons.


Anonymous said...

did you still have a steak rebate to send off for? LOL


Sara said...

Actually no! We just felt like eating steaks for dinner this evening. They were delicious!