Thursday, May 21, 2009

Weis: Cool Whip for .09 cents

Weis has French Vanilla Cool Whip on clearance for .74 cents. I purchased six containers and used three blinkie coupons for .65/2 which doubled--making each container just .09 cents. Total for six containers was .54 cents plus tax.

A big thanks
goes to my friend, Kelly, for calling me know about this deal. When I left the store, there were approximately twelve more containers on the shelf. If you're local, go and pick them up before someone else does.

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Anonymous said...

I get babysat when I checkout @ Weis so this deal doesn't work for me. Blinkie coupons say do not double. I got blamed for using coupons and having them double @ weis so the front end managers "assist" when I check out. I dunno why they picked me, but it really has started to make me mad!