Friday, May 29, 2009

Weis: Blueberries for $1.00 per PINT

My local Weis had a "Midnight Madness" sale this evening from 8pm-midnight. I braved the insanely crowded store to purchase blueberries for $1.00 per PINT. Tomorrow, I'll clean them and freeze most of them for use in homemade blueberry muffins and pancakes. I had plans to purchase a few other items at the sale, but the store ran out of carts and there was no way I could carry everything in my arms! They had huge watermelons for $1.99. Did anyone else take advantage of the sale? If so, what did you purchase?


Anonymous said...

The watermellon is the only thing that I saw that I was interested in. The Pepsi looked like a good deal, but if you break it down it is only $2 per 12 cans and I can do better than that at CVS. The Ice Cream was a good deal w/ the cat too.. if it prints with shelf make it free, but FL had Eddy's @ .77 after FLIP last week (??) so all in all I think people are crazy to get so excieted over this. Good ploy by Weis though if it was that crowded. I know the workers were telling me about how great of a deal it was, LOL. I personally thought it was insane with the skids of Pepsi that had stocked i the Freezer section yesturday, lol. I guess I was the insane one. And nice deal on the blueberrys...I overlooked that one.

Staci said...

I can only imagine the scene!!!!!!!!!!!!