Friday, December 12, 2008

Almost free socks

My son was in desperate need of socks. He's outgrown all of them--except for two pair. So..... I used my $10.00 JcPenney coupon this morning. The socks were on sale buy 1, get 1 50% off. I purchased two different packages.

One package of socks was $7.99 and the other was $6.99. The package of $6.99 socks rang up $3.50 because of the sale. The total was $11.48. After using the $10.00 coupon, the balance was $1.48. Add the .09 sales tax and my final price was $1.57. What an awesome deal for TWELVE pair of socks! I couldn't even purchase them at WalMart for that price!


Lisha said...

I love that JCPENNY coupon. I have to get in there and get a shirt for my dad for Xmas!

Cameron said...

I was a lucky one and got in my married name and one in my maiden name. Not sure how they knew to send it to me. So, it came in big handy because Cary took one of the children at his school to buy for. They buy for the ten poorest families. So, I hit JCPenny's today with the wish list and got him everything on it for less than $100 due to those two coupons. How did I manage to use two? I bought all the clothes at one register and the shoes at the other. LOL It was great. Thanks for posting all your great deal finds. I have used most of them so far.